Exhibition “Jewish Artists in Interwar Latvia: Searching”



From November 29, 2021, until Febraury, 5, 2022, the 4th floor of the National Library of Latvia will host the exhibition “Jewish Artists in Interwar Latvia: Searching”, prepared by the Museum “Jews in Latvia”.
The exhibition is a continuation of the cycle of exhibitions of works by Jewish artists, the starting point of which can be considered the Jewish Graphic Artists’ Exhibition, held in 1939 in Liepāja and Riga. For many authors this exhibition was the last one before the Second World War, for many of them – also the last in their lifes.
In 2020, the Museum “Jews in Latvia” and the Museum of Romans Suta and Aleksandra Beļcova organized the exhibition “Jewish Artists in Inter-war Latvia: Application”, a direct continuation of which is the current exhibition.
This series of exhibitions is both an attempt to refer to the 1939 exhibition, offering some of the works exhibited at that time, and also the story behind the tradition of Jewish artists’ exhibitions.
The exhibition will feature works by Dāvids Skolniks (1878-1941), Mihails Jo (1893-1960), Bernhards Dannenhiršs (1894-1972), Izāks Frīdlenders (1890-1968), Mozuss Parparovs (1891-1959) and Samuils Haskins (1909-1974).

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