Interactive lessons for 6-8 grade pupils "Find at the museum!"

 Interactive lesson for pupils (6. - 8. grade)

Find at the museum!


Museum “Jews in Latvia”, Skolas street 6, Riga

Duration: 1 hour


Museum "Jews in Latvia" offers interactive lessons for 6-8 grade students "Find in the museum!"  
The purpose of the lesson is to introduce pupils to the history of Latvian Jews, assessing the Jewish heritage in Latvia and the extent of the Holocaust tragedy.  
During the lesson, pupils will get acquainted with various exhibits of the museum. While working in groups, they will have an opportunity to explore these exhibits themselves and present their work to others.  
During the lesson, students will gain an understanding of Jewish history in Latvia starting from the 16th century until the end of the Second World War.  
The classes are held in Latvian, Russian or English language. The number of pupils -  from 12 to 30.  
Lessons are free of charge.  
Contact person: Marina Geht, Deputy Director of the Museum, phone: (+371) 29435005, e-mail:  

The lessons are elaborated and organised with the support of "Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund JHF".



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