Lesson for 9th-12th grade pupils "Tour around Riga Ghetto"

  Interactive lesson for pupils (9th - 12th grade)


Tour around Riga Ghetto 


Museum ‘Jews in Latvia’, Skolas iela 6, Riga

Lesson duration: 1.5 – 2 hours


Museum "Jews in Latvian" offers classes for 9 - 12th grade pupils Tour around Riga Ghetto, which dedicated to the Holocaust in Riga in 1941-1945.


The aim of the lesson is to introduce students to the history of the Holocaust and the Riga Ghetto; to promote critical thinking of pupils during a research of historical resources and completing different tasks; to empower empathy through visiting different places of former Riga Ghetto and studying testimonies of those, who lived on that time.


Classes are held in Latvian or Russian language. The number of pupils - from 12 to 30 people.


Classes are free of charge.


You may sign up by calling the Museum "Jews in Latvia": (+371) 67283484, or by writing to the museum's e-mail address: info@ebrejumuzejs.lv


The lessons are elaborated and organised with the support of "Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund JHF".



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